New Electrical, Meter Enclosure, Gas Heating, Ventilation and Dust Extraction and Wood Fire Products

We are able to offer a complete design service for your particular Fume, Dust, Heating, Wood Fire or Gas Extraction needs. Can also arrange for Trade Certified, Insured and Licensed  installation onsite to make the job complete.  


New Electrical Products

Flood Light Wall Mounted Brackets - Various lengths

Corner Flood Light Wall Mounted Brackets

Wall Board Brackets

Behind Plaster Switch Brackets

Wall Mounted Light Cages

Floor Mounted Light Cages

Exit Light Cages

Solar Inverter Cages

Air Conditioning Inverter Cages

Data Cable Covers 

Trapazoidal Cable Covers

Circular Cable Covers

56 Series Switch Bollards

3 Phase Outdoor Brackets

56 Series Outdoor Brackets

 New Redesigned Domestic Meter Enclosures

Type 1 24 DIN Domestic Enclosure including Meter Isolator and Powder Coated

General Purpose Economy Boxes in Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel and Powder Coated

4-36 DIN Distribution PVC Flame Retardant Boxes

New Gas Heating and Ventilation Products

Twin Wall Aluminium Flexible Flue Pipe 75mm - 300mm (Coming Soon)

Twin Wall Aluminium Flexible Flue Kits 75mm - 300mm (Coming Soon)

125mm and 150mm Range Hood Flexible Flue Kits (Coming Soon)

Chimney Flexible Flue Kits (Coming Soon)

Modular Ventilation Ductwork

Spray Booth Duct and Extraction Fans.

Dust Extraction Duct

Vertical Discharge Cowls

Speed Lock Lever Lock Rings

Speed Lock Cones, Bends and Y pieces.

New Wood Fire and Pizza Oven Products

Stainless Steel Wood Fire Flue Kits

Painted Wood Fire Flue Kits

Decorative Mesh Flue Kits

Chimney Flue Kits

Pizza Oven Flue Kits

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Tom Baker

We have been using A&B products that we get from our Electrical Wholesaler for over 10years. The price is competitive and the quality is far better than the Chinese imports.  I will always support a local business.

Tom Baker
Adelaide SA

Manufacturers for the Electrical, Gas / Ventilation & Fencing Industries

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Specializing in the manufacture of high quality products & components from galvanised, aluminium & stainless steel sheets.

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