Dual Services 2 Doors, 24 Din & 1 Panel Inc. Gas.


Sold in quantities of 1

SA Domestic Single Dwelling Electric and Gas Meter Enclosure available in rebated sided to suit standard brick construction with provision for, 24 DIN rail equipment and with generous wiring room. Manufactured in 2 separate sections, to guarantee total separation between (Min 500mm), Electric and Gas services. 

  • 2 seperate Brick openings (500mm minimum seperation) 600 x 485 x 265 deep and 510 x 485 x 265 deep. 
  • Removable double hinged Type X Panel, size 350 x 350 x 6.0, with 1 meter provision. 
  • Comes with, Single Pole MCB 6kvA 63A, Circuit Breaker, of choice.  
  • Made to be compliant with, AS/NZS3000, AS/NZS6002, AS/NZS3439 and AS/NZS3012 with South Australian Power Network Utilities Service and Installation Rules – 2007. AS5601:2004 Australian Gas Installations.
  • Earth, Neutral bars and DIN rail fitted.
  • Standard finish is Powder Coated Grey Surf Mist or galvanized.
  • Manufactured using Australian Grade Z275 Galvanized Steel.
  • Cable entry with slider for easy cable entry and Earth Stud with nut and crimp lug supplied.
  • Tie off for temporary power and supplied nylon bush to protect temporary power cables.
  • 32mm KO’s in sides only.
  • Comes with circuit identification labels and fill in pieces for DIN switch gear.

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