Environment Policy

AB Industries Australia is a provider of safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the Sheet Metal Manufacturing Industry. We are committed to improving the environmental sustainability of our organization while facilitating improved environmental outcomes for our customers and stakeholders. We will pro-actively work with the EPA to protect the environment by:

  • Implementing innovations that ensure the environmental efficiency of our services.

  • Working with suppliers and other stakeholders to minimise aircraft emissions.

  • Promoting and supporting the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development in our operations in order to minimise our environmental footprint and prevent pollution.

  • Enhancing environmental management practices through a fit-for-purpose Environment Management System. This is done with, planning, implementation, checking, corrective actions,reviews and continuous improvement.

  • Embedding an organisational culture with suppliers and employees that is environmentally aware.

  • Collaborating on initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of machine noise and activity.



This will be achieved in a manner that assures we are compliant with applicable legislation, regulation and government policy, and that we maintain a focus on continual improvement. We will collaborate with our customers and suppliers in efforts to meet industry and community expectations in regard to our environmental practices and performance.


All staff are responsible for sound environmental management and all managers are accountable for environmental performance in their areas of responsibility. Sound environmental management is an integral and vital part of the provision of an efficient, effective and sustainable Manufacturing Operation.

Regular Tool Box meetings covering - Action Check-list, Environmental Policy, Risk Assessments, Emergency Procedures, Corrective Action Reporting, Chemical Register and Plant and Equipment Information. Utilisation of the Hierarchy of Control to manage Environmental Impact. Elimination - Controlling the hazard at source. Substitution - Replacing one substance or activity with a less hazardous one. Engineering - Installing bunds around tanks or guards on machinery. Administration - Policies and procedures for safe work practices. Safety Data Sheets made available to all employees. Personal protective equipment - Such as masks, protective clothing and ear plugs.

This policy provides the basis of AB Industries Australia Environmental Management System Environment Protection Act 1993.