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Environment Policy

AB Industries Australia is committed to providing safe, secure, and environmentally responsible services to the Sheet Metal Manufacturing Industry. We strive to improve the sustainability of our operations while helping our customers and stakeholders achieve better environmental outcomes. We work proactively with the EPA to protect the environment by:

  • Innovating to make our services more environmentally friendly

  • Working with suppliers and stakeholders to reduce aircraft emissions

  • Promoting and supporting ecologically sustainable practices to minimize our environmental footprint and prevent pollution

  • Implementing an effective Environmental Management System to manage our environmental impact, and regularly reviewing and improving our practices

  • Fostering an organizational culture that is environmentally aware

  • Collaborating with others to reduce machine noise and activity that negatively impact the environment

We are committed to complying with applicable legislation, regulations, and government policies while continually improving our environmental performance. All staff members are responsible for sound environmental management, and managers are accountable for the environmental performance in their areas of responsibility.

To ensure sound environmental management, we conduct regular tool box meetings to discuss our environmental policy, risk assessments, emergency procedures, corrective action reporting, chemical register, and plant and equipment information. We use the Hierarchy of Control to manage our environmental impact, prioritizing elimination, substitution, engineering, and administration to control hazards at the source. We provide all employees with safety data sheets and personal protective equipment, such as masks, protective clothing, and earplugs.

This policy provides the basis for our Environmental Management System in compliance with the Environment Protection Act 1993.

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