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At AB Industries Australia we only use quality Australian made materials so that you only receive the best quality product. We're proud to have been associated for over 35 years with the following Product Suppliers.

Southern Steel Supplies
Direct Couriers
Border Express
Brice First for Steel
Austral Wright Metals
Adelaide Galvanising Industries
Metal Fabrication, Metal Sheet, Sheet Metal Fabrication, AB Industries Metal Fabrication, CNC Laser Cutting

All our products and accessories are manufactured to comply with the Australian & New Zealand Standards.

Product safety is a priority for us at AB Industries Australia. That is why we ensure that products comply with the Australian & New Zealand Standards.

These Standards have been developed with a set of criteria which the product must meet. To achieve this status, the product must pass a series of tests in which it is put under difficult conditions that are designed to be similar to those that the item will endure in its day to day function. If the product has passed these tests then it gains certification under the Australian and New Zealand Standard. It is a requirement by legislation that if a product needs approval, then we must ensure that it is certified before it sold to the customer. All electrical manufacturers regardless of whether they are a sole trader or large multinational company must meet the same standard. Our Gas Heating products are all audited yearly and Certified by the Australian Gas Association to comply with strict Gas Legislation

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