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Bob Whitehead Retires After 32 Years

- Bob Whitehead has retired after 32 years of running this great business.

After over 30 years he can enjoy his vintage motorcycles, model yachts, Wednesday "lunches" with his mates and the fishing of Port Vincent. You will not see much of Dad anymore as he's VERY busy now retired.

- Harry Hovenga retires also after 12 years as General Manager.

Harry has been of great help as a long time friend of Bob's for over 40 years and has retired from managing AB Industries too. Harry has bought a 4WD and headed North with his wife Pearl. Good luck to you both and thank you!

So with all the retirements here at AB Industries, Rob Whitehead (Bob's Son) has returned from the US and 5 years working in Mining in the Pilbara of WA to take over ownership of AB Industries. Look out for many new and exciting innovations in the business.

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