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Anti-Downdraft Cowl

Anti-Downdraft Cowl

PriceFrom $145.98

The anti-downdraught cowl eliminates down draughts in all
weather conditions. Even if the wind is blowing vertically down,
the cowl will convert that energy into a positive up draught.
Pilot lights that extinguish themselves, due to down draught
will keep alight.

Rain, snow and birds are prevented from entering the chimney.
The design, which has been proven over many years, ensures
that the cowl will continue to ventilate the chimney when the
fire or appliance is unlit.

Fitting is simple, the stem of the cowl is slightly undersize so
that it can slide down inside the bore of most prefabricated
metal chimneys, liners or conventional brick chimneys. This
joint should be sealed.

Please ensure that the fireappliance has enough combustion
air to operate correctly. Can add mesh for bush fire embers
protection. Manufactured using ASNZ Standard Grade 304
2b Grade 0.6mm Stainless Steel.

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