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Wall Penetration Flue Kit

Wall Penetration Flue Kit


This kit is perfect for most single story houses where the flue pipe needs to pass through a wall at 45 degrees to vent up through eves to outside. Outer skin is painted satin black.


This kit consists of:

• 1 Stainless Steel Active Flue Pipe 150 x 750L
• 1 x Inner Skin Flue Pipes 200 x 750L
• 1 x Stainless Steel Offset Pair 45 Degree
• 1 x Offset 200mm Painted Decro Mesh 45 Degree
• 1 x Offset 250mm Galv. 45 Degree
• 1 x Ceiling Box Flue Painted 750L
• 2 x Raked Ceiling Flanges

Please note picture is for display purposes only, the decromesh offset will be on the inside, but for the exterior a plain 200mm offset is used.

Style: Satin Black
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